[Gate-users] GATELab : time interval between each count

Dae Hoon Kim tanbc713 at gmail.com
Mon Dec 24 08:41:57 CET 2012

Hi GATE users

I am trying to simulate the benchmark PET using the GATELAB, but I have a
problem about event interval.

The event interval was fixed by the acquisition time devided by total
number of primaries.

For example, if acquisition time was 1 second and total number of primaries
were 1000000,
the events were occured at intervals of 1 micro second. Therefore, GATELAB
output did not have random counts.

I think that the reason is "setTotalNumberOfPrimaries" macro command which
is essential command in GATELAB. Because, the output files executed in
local computer using general GATE (without "setTotalNumberOfPrimaries")
provide some random counts.

For this simulation, I modified some macro commands in benchmarkPET macros.

in sources.mac
/gate/source/F18LineSource/setActivity 1000000. becquerel

in benchPET.mac
/gate/geometry/setMaterialDatabase data/GateMaterials.db
/gate/random/setEngineSeed auto
/gate/application/setTotalNumberOfPrimaries 10000000
/gate/application/setTimeSlice     1 s
/gate/application/setTimeStart     0. s
/gate/application/setTimeStop      1 s

Is there anything I missed ?

Sogang University, Electronic Engineering
 1, Shinsu-Dong, Mapo-Gu, Seoul, Korea 121-742
 Tel : 82-2-713-2652
 Cell : 82-10-4310-9249

Dae Hoon Kim
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