[Gate-users] Regarding ASCII SINGLES OUTPUT

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Wed Dec 12 07:54:28 CET 2012

Hello gate users!

I have simulated 59 PMTs (cylindrical volume with glass as material ) on a
NaI crystal with a dielectric_metal boundary between them.

The 59 pmts are defined in a hexagonal array using 2 cubic repeaters and 2
linear repeaters.

I have enabled optical photon generation, and I have included opticaladder.

I want to know how many photons had hit a particular pmt (in gate user
guide it is mentioned that
by using optical adder, one gets the information about the number of
photons and not the energy of the photons).

But my ascii singles file does not seem to give the details properly. here
is a sample of the ascii optical singles output --------

0    1768     4  -5.000e+01 -2.200e+02  0.000e+00     0     0     0
7.60134730474956721302249e-03  1.488e+03 -4.809e+01 -1.649e+02 -3.745e-01
 0    0    0    0 NULL NULL

column no 7 to 12 (0     0     0   7.60134730474956721302249e-03  1.488e+03
-4.809e+01) are supposed to be the volume IDs but I don't know how to
interpret these floating point numbers!

column 13 (-1.649e+02 ) should be time stamp of the signal but it is -ve !
(not for all singles, for some of them)

column 14 (is it Energy deposited by the single or number of photons ?) and
it is showing -3.745e-01 a -ve value ! (not for all singles) If it is value
of energy, how can I get the information about the number of photons ?

column 15 to 17 (0    0   0) is XYZ position of the single in the world
referential (some are having (0  1  0) and (0  2  0) except this nothing else)
how can I interpret it ? (my source is  at -5, 0 but singles are at 0,0 )

Basically I want to know how many photons had hit a particular pmt, because
I want to implement algorithms used in gamma cameras like
Anger algorithm, maximum likelihood algorithm etc. If somebody knows
an alternative to implement these algorithms can you please share it with
me ?

Thank you in advance
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