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Some answers:

1) This is the position of the positron-electron annihilation, not the position of the interaction within the crystal. It makes sense that it occurs very near your source.

2) I don't know. Singles are what you get after the digitizer processes your hits. They should be in your crystal.

3) I don't know.

4) The volume IDs  are exactly what the name says: the ID (identification number) of the volume in which the hit (or single) occurred. Each volume in each level of the hierarchy of the system you're using (e.g. base, rsector, module, etc.) gets a unique ID number. The volumes get numbered sequentially. If you use a cubic array repeater, then the volumes are numbered 0 to N-1 (where N is the number of volumes you have in your array) and they increase first along the x axis, then along y, then along z. For a ring repeater, they increase in the counterclockwise direction, if I remember correctly.

Hope this helps!


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On 2012-12-07, at 5:33 AM, open researcher <openresearcher90 at gmail.com<mailto:openresearcher90 at gmail.com>>

I want some clarifications regarding the output of Singles output -
1. What does XYZ position of the annihilation in world referential mean. (I have defined a source at 0, -22, 0 cms (and y axis is depth axis) and a NaI crystal at -15 cm. Singles file has readings like 0.000e+00 -2.200e+02  0.000e+00 since the interaction is happening in the crystal I think the y-coordinate must be -15 cm I don't know how it is showing the coordinate of the source)
2. XYZ position of the single in the world referential shows (0, 1, 0) for some singles, (0, 2, 0) for some and (0, 0, 0) for some singles. what can I infer from this ?
3. for some Singles time stamp is -ve  (what can it mean ?)
4. what are Volume IDs ?
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