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Thu Aug 30 09:54:26 CEST 2012

hi, Marc!

   Thank you for you reply. 
   Yes, using "ion source" will solve this problem, I have tested, but should use Ga-68 instead of Ge-68. 
I think the reason maybe the physical process of electron capture is not include. Even so, Ga-68 will be ok.

Another problem is what you have mentioned, using "ion source" will slow down simulations. 
I want to using Ge-68 source to do attenuation correction on PET,  this will need plenty of data samples.
So simulation time is also very important. If you have any better suggestion for simulation time.

Thank you very much!



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You can define a Ge-68 source in Gate by using the "ion source" type. See the documentation here: http://wiki.opengatecollaboration.org/index.php/Users_Guide_V6.1:Source#Defining_the_type_of_source
So for Ge-68, you would do it like this:
/gate/source/NAME/gps/particle ion 
/gate/source/NAME/gps/ion 32 68 0 0 
/gate/source/NAME/gps/monoenergy 0. keV 
/gate/source/NAME/setForcedUnstableFlag true 
/gate/source/NAME/setForcedHalfLife 23410080 s
You also need to add the RadioactiveDecay process in your physics list (before initialization):
/gate/physics/addProcess RadioactiveDecay
Note that using an ion source will slow down your simulations.
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Le 2012-08-28 à 10:40 PM, xcao <xcao at mail.ihep.ac.cn>
 a écrit :
> hello, gate-users
>    If anyone have used the source of germanium-68, I want to know how to define it.
> Can anyone offer me some help.
> Thank you very much! 
> 2012-08-29 
> xcao 
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