[Gate-users] how to get an image from root or ascii file

Marc Chamberland MarcChamberland at cmail.carleton.ca
Wed Aug 29 15:02:48 CEST 2012


The ASCII and Root output contain the list of events (singles, hits, etc.). So if you want to reconstruct an image from these, you would probably need to bin the events into sinograms or projections and then use image reconstruction techniques.

For SPECT, I think it would be better if you use the "Interfile output of projection set" option (see here: http://wiki.opengatecollaboration.org/index.php/Users_Guide_V6.1:Data_output#Interfile_output_of_projection_set ) instead of the ASCII or Root output.

Once you have your projection data, you can reconstruct the image with other tools (Matlab, ImageJ, etc.). But image reconstruction is not part of Gate, so I can't help you with that.

I hope this helps!


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Le 2012-08-29 à 1:34 AM, open researcher <openresearcher90 at gmail.com<mailto:openresearcher90 at gmail.com>>
 a écrit :

hi gate users

After simulating a SPECThead with a point source, i got outputs in ascii
and root format.

can anybody tell me how to get an image from these ascii or root output

thanks in advance.
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