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Pietrzyk, Uwe u.pietrzyk at fz-juelich.de
Tue Aug 14 12:49:15 CEST 2012

Hi Pat,

I don't exactly know what is wrong. I can read your file with imagej and
find the situation you have described, i.e.: something looks strange.

I repeated the benchmarkSPECT on different systems using gate 6.0 and 6.1
and found the expected result, but also again problems with the projections,
when reading the file with imagej. I have no clear idea, what is going wrong.

Starting from the benchmark-macros, I simulated a SPECT system with a single head,
three gamma source not in line, but slightly offset in Z and Y in order to detect
the rotation on the projections. There was no motion of the sources. The acquisition
was set up for 60 projections, rotation 1° per sec, 180 sec total ac-time,
100kBq per source. 

I've attached the projection file to this eMail for you to have a look.
Format: unsigned int 16bit litte-endian, 60 projections, 128x128 pixel

Maybe, this is helpful for you to understand the principle.

Kind regards,

U. Pietrzyk

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On 10.08.2012, at 16:27, P. T. wrote:

> Dear Prof. Dr. Uwe Pietrzyk
> Thanks for your attention
> I open my files with Osiris, too. But same results are appeared.
> H attached my output file in this email.
> It is possible for you to check it.
> Best Regards
> Pat
> On 8/10/12, Pietrzyk, Uwe <u.pietrzyk at fz-juelich.de> wrote:
>> Hi,
>> this is the basic info taken from .hdr-file:
>> --> 128-128-64 (4 heads x 16 projections = # time frames)
>> --> unsigned 16 bit integer
>> --> littleendian
>> You have to make sure, that this is correctly specified while
>> reading the projection file created during the benchmark!
>> I usually take "imageJ" - free java-based software for reading
>> the projections. For MATLAB I don't have a procedure, but
>> this should also be quite simple. Maybe you can ask someone
>> who is an expert….
>> Kind regards,
>> U. Pietrzyk
>> On 10.08.2012, at 14:20, P. T. wrote:
>>> Dear All
>>> I carefully run benchSPECT.mac in my Gate. When I’m opening gate.sin
>>> (output file) with MATLAB, projections are appeared black screen with
>>> random white point in some regions.
>>> Please help me.
>>> Thanks so much in advance
>>> Pat
>>> _______________________________________________

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