[Gate-users] Mismatch between LOR and emission points on root output

Enrico Clementel enrico.clementel at ugent.be
Fri May 20 18:36:28 CEST 2011

Forgot to tell the source is backtoback.

On 20 May 2011, at 18:33, Enrico Clementel wrote:

> Dear Gate Users,
> I have a problem on both Gate 5.0.0 p1 and Gate 6.0.0 p1 using root output.
> I'm simulating a PET scanner using the ECAT structure. Investigating the data we noticed that LORs belonging to True coincidences are very far from the actual emission points.
> As an example, I'm attaching a 2D plot of a few events. I simulated a point source in a water cylinder. Blue lines represent LORs, red lines connect the actual emission point to one LOR end. As you can see they are pretty far off.
> To ensure I'm considering only Trues, I have the following condition:
> if ( comptonCrystal1==0 && comptonCrystal2==0 && comptonPhantom1==0 && comptonPhantom2==0 && eventID1 == eventID2 ) {
> before printing the output. LOR ends are obtained from globalPos and the emission point from sourcePos.
> Any ideas why this could be happening?
> Thank you
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