[Gate-users] GATE ECAT7 Help

Jonathan Madsen madsen_jr at tamu.edu
Wed May 18 23:15:27 CEST 2011

I am using vGATE and I am having trouble running the example_PET problem
with the ECAT7 output. I get the following error message:
> [G4] Output module: 'sinogram'
> [G4]  >> Job:                                 build a set of 2D sinograms
> from a PET simulation
> [G4]  >> Is enabled ?                         Yes
> [G4]  >> Number of crystals per crystal ring: 0
> [G4]  >> Number of crystal rings:             0
> [G4]  >> Number of radial sinogram bins:      0
> [G4]  >> Filled ?                             No
> [G4]  >> Attached to system:                  systems/ecat
>     [G4-cerr] ***** COMMAND NOT FOUND </gate/output/ecat7/enable> *****
> [Gate] Sorry, error in a macro command : abort.
>  >> Input data:                          finalCoincat
I have followed the instructions of two different sites:
The manual:

In order to compile the ecat7 output module of Gate, the ecat library
written at the PET Unit of the Catholic University of Louvain-la-Neuve (UCL,
Belgium) is required. It can be downloaded from their web site:

Three files are required: the library file libecat.a and the two header
files matrix.h and machine_indep.h.

To compile Gate with the ecat7 library without changing the env_gate.csh and
GNUmakefile files, the en- vironment variable ECAT7_HOME has to be defined
and set to the name of the home directory where the ecat7 library is
installed (for example, /usr/local/ecat7). In this ecat7 home directory, two
subdirectories should be created: lib and include. The header files are put
in the ${ECAT7_HOME}/include directory. For each system, a specific
subdirectory named after the G4SYSTEM environment variable value should be
created in the ${ECAT7_HOME}/lib directory. The corresponding library file
libecat.a has to be located in this ${ECAT7_HOME}/lib/${G4SYSTEM} directory.
The matrix.h file has to be modified to add the declaration of the
mh_update() function. The following line can be added in the "high level
user functions" part of matrix.h:

int mh_update(MatrixFile*);

I have also tried export G4ANALYSIS_USE_ECAT7=1.
Please any suggestions would help, thank you.

Jonathan Madsen

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