[Gate-users] Using hits information with fastI124-source in Gate 6.1

Sophie Sauerzapf sophie.sauerzapf at uniklinik-freiburg.de
Thu Mar 31 14:55:39 CEST 2011

Using hits information with fastI124-source in Gate 6.1

Dear Gate users,

I would like to distinguish between "right"  (both detected photons are 
511 keV and come from the positron decay) and "wrong" (at least one 
detected photon is emitted directly from the source) coincidences in a 
simulation using the fastI124-source. According to the description in 
GateCrystalHit.hh and having a closer look at some simulated data, 
photonID (0 if not caused by one of the 2 gammas) and parentID (0 if 
directly emitted from the source?) would be the suitable candidates. But 
analyzing the energy spectra, I saw some differences between using the 
photonID and the parentID concerning the randoms distribution. Does 
anybody have experience in using the hits information to figure out 
particles which are directly emitted from the source? Does anybody know 
some more details about the hits variables (e.g. what is exactly 

Best, Sophie

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