[Gate-users] missing event IDs in hits file

Marlen Priegnitz m.priegnitz at hzdr.de
Thu Jan 27 09:52:30 CET 2011


Maybe this is, because some events don't hit the detector but leave the 
"World" without any interaction in sensitive detectors?

Kind regards,

Rajaram, Ramya (H USA) wrote:
> Dear Gaters,
> I am currently trying to simulate a very simple set-up: a point source
> at a certain distance from a detector inside a SPECThead. All the
> volumes are attached to either phantomSD or crystalSD. ASCII output is
> enabled and in the Hits.dat file that is generated after the simulation,
> some eventIDs are missing. Why would that be? I thought eventID is the
> one unique and continuous column that helps keep track of all the list
> mode information across the Hits, Singles, SinglesAdder,
> SinglesBlurring, etc data files. Is that not right? 
> Any help is greatly appreciated,
> Thank you,
> Ramya
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