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高娟 gaojuan at ihep.ac.cn
Wed Jan 5 03:13:55 CET 2011

Hi all,
    I download ecat for openGate homepage, but when i make the file,i found some problem. when i goto the utils directory and make."/usr/bin/ld can not find -lsocket" ,who can tell me the reason?

Many thanks!

Juan Gao

Juan Gao

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     1.  Source's  decay  scheme  _  Characteristic  X  ray  (?  ??)


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Date:  Sun,  2  Jan  2011  23:23:17  +0800
From:  ?  ??   <spencer6_5 at hotmail.com >
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Subject:  [Gate-users]  Source's  decay  scheme  _  Characteristic  X  ray
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Dear  all,

I  encountered  the  problem  about  source?s  decay  scheme  as  following  :

1?How  to  define  the  characteristic  x-ray?s  current  state  /  next  state  in  Gate?
2?In  the  decay  scheme,  is  cumulative  probability  calculated  by  relative  probability?  Since  I  found  that  in  the  ?fastI124?  code,some  probabilities  are  accurate,some  are  relative(after  rescaling)

p.s  My  Gate  version  is  Gate  V3.1

Really  appreciated  !    :  )

Spencer  Lu  
Department  of  Biomedical  Engineering  and  Environmental  Science,  
National  Tsing-Hua  University,  Hsinchu  30013  Taiwan.

E-mail  :  spencer6_5 at hotmail.com              


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