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Seb sebastien.jan at cea.fr
Tue Feb 22 11:09:30 CET 2011


To summarize the situation:
If you set the AccolinearityFlag at false (default value), it will work 
fine and Gate generates a pure b2b emission.
If you set the flag at true with the AccoValue variable at 0 (default 
value), you generate again a pure b2b emission.
BUT : When you set AccoValue != 0 , a bug appears......it will be fixed 
for next release.

Regarding the GatePositronAnnihilation class, the 2 gammas are generated 
with the accolinearity and it is well validated.

Hope this help

> Dear All,
> I tried once with the two macro commands here-under but I still have some accolinear photon pairs but if I use a modified version of
> GateBackToBack.cc in which there is no accolinarity support at all, then everything work well. I would assume that the accolinearity is not correctly supported by this version. I should have a look at how this is implemented for a positron source and copy the implementation for the btb source but I thought maybe this is a known issue by the developers and that It will be fixed in the next release. 
> Regards,
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> BRARD Emmanuel 
> emmanuel.brard at alumni.u-psud.fr
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> Dear Emmanuel,
> Since, I don't really know what bugs are corrected by the BackToBack.cc you use, I would suggest to try setting the accolinearity to 0 deg and accolinearity flag to false using the following commands:
> /gate/source/twogamma/setAccolinearityFlag false /gate/source/twogamma/setAccoValue 0 deg
> and looking if the result still contains some accolinear photon pairs.
> As I said previously, using Gate v5 (with some patches), we don't have such issues anymore but I cannot say about Gate v6.
> Best regards,
> Alexandre
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> Alexandre Dupas
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