[Gate-users] (no subject)

Ismet Isnaini ismeth74 at yahoo.com
Wed Feb 16 15:38:09 CET 2011

dear everyone... 

I have been running a simulation using a voxelized source (a simple point source 
off the centre) 100x100 voxel of 1 slice. 

But, instead of using a voxelized phantom, I am using a a cylindrical phantom 
and placed the voxelized source inside this phantom. Is this OK ?

The result shows as if it does not recognized the low region of the source (The 
hot area was around 10KBq, and the rest is 0 or 1 Bq, and simulation time varies 
from 100-500 sec). The sinogram / image produced is a square of 100x100 voxel of 
not uniform  activity.. 

Can anybody suggest, what was wrong with it ?




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