[Gate-users] Implementing greater than 3 "clusters" in CTscanner

Nick Laver Nick.Laver at kromek.com
Wed Dec 21 18:03:57 CET 2011

Dear Gate-Users,

I have been using GATE for a couple of week (as I have found it much quicker to build and modify my model than previous attempts in Geant4) to simulate an airport style baggage screening machine.
My current design has numerous detector boards which form an irregular shaped array.  I am attempting to pixellate my detector faces using the "CTscanner" system and a number of pixellated "clusters" equal to my number of detector boards.
This is fine for the first 3 boards "cluster_0", "cluster_1", and "cluster_2" however I am limited to these three and require many more.

I was wondering if anyone could suggest another "system" which would allow me to define more boards around an irregular array shape, some kind of work around for my problem, or how I can go about creating my own "system" (or editing CTscanner) so the ROOT tree generated has the branches (cluster, pixel...) that I would need.

Kind Regards,


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