[Gate-users] Rotation of a gps source

Ida Häggström ida.haggstrom at radfys.umu.se
Fri Dec 16 15:55:54 CET 2011


I wonder if anyone has a way of rotating a source in GATE v.5.0? It's easy
to rotate a volume, for example a cylinder like:

/gate/phantom/placement/setRotationAxis -1 1 0
/gate/phantom/placement/setRotationAngle 30 deg

but I cannot find any equivalent for rotation of the source as well to
coincide with the tilted phantom. My source is a cylinder like:

/gate/source/twogamma/gps/type Volume
/gate/source/twogamma/gps/shape Cylinder
/gate/source/twogamma/gps/radius 10 mm
/gate/source/twogamma/gps/halfz 110 mm
/gate/source/twogamma/gps/centre 100. 100. 0. mm

and I then want to rotate this cylinder source as well. I've found on the
GATE wiki v.6.1 that you can write:

/gate/source/ [Source name] /setRotationAxis 1 0 0
/gate/source/ [Source name] /setRotationAngle 90 deg

but that doesn't seem to work in v.5.0. I haven't found anything useful in
the GEANT4 forum either...

Thanks for any input!

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