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Luca Pesce luca.pesce at live.it
Wed Dec 7 13:20:06 CET 2011

Dear Gaters,
I'm trying in Gate 6.1 to achieve the stopping particle position of the primary electron beam in a radiotherapy application;
I'm using the "ProductionAndStoppingActor" with this settings:

/gate/actor/addActor ProductionAndStoppingActor    MyActor
/gate/actor/MyActor/save                         datiTesi/Mono/PreMonoS-P.txt
/gate/actor/MyActor/attachTo                     waterTank
/gate/actor/MyActor/setVoxelSize                 0.1 0.1 0.1 mm
/gate/actor/MyActor/addFilter                    particleFilter
/gate/actor/MyActor/particleFilter/addParticle   e-
/gate/actor/MyActor/addFilter IDFilter
/gate/actor/MyActor/IDFilter/selectParentID 1
/gate/actor/MyActor/stepHitType post

In this settings the actor provide every track stopping position and not only the event stopping position.
What can I do in order to obtain the primary electron stopping position? 

Luca Pesce,
Pisa University Student.

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