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When you move the window, it is normal that you pick up background or other window's contents.  The OpenGLSX viewer does not automatically refresh when you're using GATE (I'm guessing to cut down on the CPU time it would take to have it automatically refresh).  If you want to refresh the image, there is a refresh command that you can execute:


(at least that's the command in Version 5, I haven't used Version 6 yet).

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Dear Ange
when I run Gate at the command line
 and type only
/vis/open OGLSX , there is no problem and  I can see the viewer and just the same text
 in gate.out file  I have send you .
But this black window gets the background image when I move it.
On Sat, Nov 13, 2010 at 1:24 AM, Foudray, Ange <foudray1 at llnl.gov<mailto:foudray1 at llnl.gov>> wrote:

I suggest running your GATE script at the command line, but piping the output to a file so you can see what the error message is.  You can do this the following way:

Gate gatescript.mac > gate.out &
(where gatescript is your macro file)

This way, if everything still crashes, you have a log of what happened before it crashed.  After running this way, what error do you see in the output file?


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Hi every body
I have a problem in running GTAE every time I change a main file script like
benchSPECT.mac .
When I change the

#/control/execute visu.mac

/control/execute visu.mac

to see the graphic result, Linux  dose log out ,I added the OpenGL during
Linux installation.
Many thanks
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