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Samuel BURG samuel_burg at yahoo.fr
Thu Nov 11 13:51:25 CET 2010

None of them, and all of them !

Any version of Gate is "single-thread" for now.
All version from 3.x are packed with some tools for submitting jobs on a cluster 
(gjs & gjm).

For example, we are using GATE on a condor cluster, GATE exe being shared on 

With Alexandre Dupas we have released a "big-package" [1] for automatically 
patch and compile GATE 5.0 (can be use with some modification for GATE 6.x).
Before end of year we should be able to do the same kind off "big-package" to 
install a condor cluster (master and nodes) for montecarlos simulation like GATE 
and MCNPX.


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I know this may be a silly question but which
gate version is cluster aware ?

I am setting up a Gate cluster for our site.

Phil Sharrock
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