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thanks you, 
Hon Yu
According to your direction, the complication seems successful. But Gate cann't run!!!
My software versions are different from yours. Because i carefully study the vGate, adopting it's configure.   

software version



environment   variables  set      
export GATEHOME=/home/zhb/GATE/gate_v6.0_p01 
export G4INSTALL=/home/zhb/GATE/geant4.9.2.p03 
export G4VERSION=9.2 
export ROOTSYS=/home/zhb/GATE/root

final  information about  compilation

Using granular libraries ...
Linking Gate
... Done!

But there is running error information,Gate cann't run!!!
Gate: error while loading shared libraries: libG4error_propagation.so: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

please   help me!   Give  some direction! 

在2010-05-25 03:19:58,"Hon Yu" <hjyu at uci.edu> 写道:
>Following are the installed packages:
>The only exceptions/omissions to the wiki version of 'InstallationGuide'
>that I have noted are
>1. Geant4: You'd need to generate the 'shared' libraries (.so) - default
>is [no].
>2. ROOT: you'd need to create a /root sub-folder under /lib and /include,
>respectively, and copy all 'library' and '*.h'  files into it as
>compilation of 'Gate' will look for the relevant 'ROOT' files under
>/root/lib/root and /root/include/root rather than /root/lib and
>/root/include, respectively (I suspect this could be perhaps fixed by
>altering "LIBDIR" and "INCDIR" paths in 'Makefile.config' file under
>/root/config folder, but have not tried it).
>3. "env_gate.sh" file for Gate:
>PATH=$PATH:$ROOTSYS/bin:$GATEHOME/bin$G4SYSTEM (the document has as
>$ROOTSYS/lib instead).
>Hope this helps.
>>>I am having the same problem as what Sebnem described during the
>>>compilation of GATE in a Linux machine (Red Hat/gcc 4.1.2).  I gather
>>> that
>>>it's likely to do w/ ROOT as all missing "T***.h" files are located under
>>>~/GATE_ROOT/root/include; however, I'm not sure what environmental
>>> setting
>>>is the cause as I have followed the steps described in the latest
>>>'InstallationGuide - GATE collaborative documentation wiki' to the
>>>My "env_gate.sh" contains following environment variables:
>>>export GATEHOME=~/GATE_ROOT/gate_v5.0.0_p01
>>>export G4INSTALL=~/GATE_ROOT/geant4.9.1.p03
>>>export G4VERSION=9.1
>>>export ROOTSYS=~/GATE_ROOT/root
>>>Also, the installation of CLHEP (v2.0.3.2), Geant4 (v9.1.p03) , and ROOT
>>>(v5.26) was successfull by all indications prior to GATE installation.
>>>I'd greatly appreciate any suggestions any of you might have.
>Hon Yu, Ph.D.
>Research Imaging Center /
>Center for Functional Onco Imaging
>132 Irvine Hall
>Irvine, CA 92697-5020
>email:hjyu at uci.edu


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