[Gate-users] Placement issue with regularMatrix volumes

Javier Ors Anía Javier.Ors at ific.uv.es
Tue Jun 29 11:43:42 CEST 2010

Hi, I've noticed a non critical but quite annoying issue with
regularMatrix volumes. In the present implementation the placements on
this kind of volumes are completely ignored. The root of this issue is
in the file source/geometry/src/GateRegularParameterized.cc

For the moment, I've just made a quick hack to make it work for me, this
provisional solution is in the attached patch, that has to be applied
directly to the mentioned file. 

It seems to work, but it could be not the best way to solve the problem
and should be revised by the person in charge of this part of the code.
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>     thePhysicalVolume->SetTranslation(position);
>     if (thePhysicalVolume->GetRotation())
>       delete thePhysicalVolume->GetRotation();
>     thePhysicalVolume->SetRotation(newRotationMatrix);

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