[Gate-users] x-ray subsequent of photoelectric

AliAsghar Parach aaparach at gmail.com
Mon Jun 14 15:15:21 CEST 2010

Dear Gate users,
In gate6 Bremsstrahlung process is simulated and it's type is
electromagnetic X-Ray. I would like to determine the characteristic X-ray
of Pb in some gamma energies. for this how can i disable or enable it (for
comparison of their results) in GATEV6_p01?
in GATE4 the following command defined for this application( but it is not
work in gate4):
/gate/physics/setXRayCut  1 GeV
/gate/physics/setDeltaRayCut  1 GeV

these commands are omitted in GATE6 but there is not defined any alternative
for those.........

again: how can i use characteristic X-Rays subsequent of photoelectric
effect in GATE6?

best regards

Ali Asghar Parach,Ph.D. student in Medical Physics,Tarbiat Modares

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