[Gate-users] NCAT

Marcin Balcerzyk m.balcerzyk at pluri.ucm.es
Mon Dec 6 09:40:54 CET 2010

Dear Emma.


Try to open DICOM file series in your Philips system. Normally, such systems
have DICOM support, also for dynamic images. Be careful which format you
store it then, as some have problems coding variable frame times. Analyze is
one of the most common, but this can have problem with variable  frame


You can view the files with demo version of PMOD
http://www.pmod.com/technologies/demo/startdemo.php and load your DICOM. It
requires Java installed, and usually you need to change some parameters of
your Java installation to run it for the first time. In Load area select
DICOM from a dropdown list and select a directory with your files. In the
loading screen, check that the file is properly read. In demo version you
cannot save. The program is commercial.


I hope that helps.


Marcin Balcerzyk

Universidad de Sevilla, Spain.


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Hi All,


I have a series of DICOM images (3D, sequential slices) that create a time

series, derived from the NCAT phantom.  I am however having difficulty in

combining all these individual files to create the time series animation.  I

am a newby and would like to get involved with gate but would like to master

using the NCAT phantom first.


Has anyone suggestions on how to view this time series, preferably in an

open source enviroment (Amide, image J).  I would also preferably like to

combine this data into one DICOM file to port into a Philips system for

further analysis


Thanks alot for any help.





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