[Gate-users] I have lmf output but .......

Alexandre Dupas alexandre.dupas at gmail.com
Thu Dec 2 13:30:31 CET 2010

Dear Babak,

> finally I can install GATE with LMF but it has a funny error : if we want to
> have lmf output we should comment this line:
> /gate/output/lmf1/setLMFFileName myFirst

The command should be written properly as

/gate/output/lmf/setFileName myName

>  finally I have e great error :  I install Gate correctly and run a example
> and have lmf output and everything seems ok
>  but when I close the terminal and open a new terminal I can't run Gate and
> see this error:
> No command 'Gate' found, did you mean :

This is actually expected. The installation script did not Gate and
other dependencies in the standard directory of your system. To be
able to use Gate from a newly open terminal, you have to "source" the
configuration script:

    . opengate-config.sh /path/to/the/opengate/install/directory

or (only if you are using bash as a shell)

    source opengate-config.sh /path/to/the/opengate/install/directory

Best regards,

Alexandre Dupas
Postdoctoral Research Fellow
INSERM U698, Bichat Médecine Nucléaire

> .
> .
> .
> Gate: command not found
> please help me, what is wrong?
> best regards
> babak

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