[Gate-users] how to define an ideal detector or crystal to stop the photon at the surface

C C phasenew at hotmail.com
Tue Nov 10 18:00:56 CET 2009

Hello, everyone, by searching the archive I found the similar questions asked several years ago but not answered. so I bring it out again although it may sounds a dumb one.

In my application, I do not want simulate the detector. What I want is to count the photons at the detector position. If I define a concrete detector made of certain material, such as silicon or NaI, some of the photons will be dislocated from their entrance position at the detector due to the scatters in the detector material. So the question is how to define the detector or an ideal material so that the photon can be deposited completely as soon as it hit the very surface of the detector? Or can it be done in a difference way?

Thank you very much for any suggestion.

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