[Gate-users] Photocathode with a complex index of refraction

daniel at if.usp.br daniel at if.usp.br
Mon Mar 16 18:59:03 CET 2009


I am trying to simulate the photocathode of a PMT using the complex index of
refraction, but my root output file does not return any data. I know this is
possible in Geant4. Instead of using the property vector REFLECTIVITY, I am
using the real part (REALRINDEX) and the imaginary part (IMAGINARYRINDEX) of
the index of refraction as a function of photon energy separately in the
Surfaces.xml file:
<surface name="h8500_pmt" type="dielectric_metal" sigmaalpha="0.0"
      <propertyvector name="SPECULARLOBECONSTANT" energyunit="eV">
	<ve energy="4.08" value="1"/>
	<ve energy="1.84" value="1"/>
      <propertyvector name="SPECULARSPIKECONSTANT" energyunit="eV">
	<ve energy="4.08" value="0"/>
	<ve energy="1.84" value="0"/>
      <propertyvector name="BACKSCATTERCONSTANT" energyunit="eV">
	<ve energy="4.08" value="0"/>
	<ve energy="1.84" value="0"/>
      <propertyvector name="REALRINDEX" energyunit="eV">
	<ve energy="4.08" value="2.61"/>
	<ve energy="1.84" value="2.61"/>
      <propertyvector name="IMAGINARYRINDEX" energyunit="eV">
	      <ve energy="4.08" value="1.53"/>
	      <ve energy="1.84" value="1.53"/>
      <propertyvector name="EFFICIENCY" energyunit="eV">
	<ve energy="4.08" value="0.24"/>
	<ve energy="3.54" value="0.27"/>
	<ve energy="3.10" value="0.26"/>
	<ve energy="2.95" value="0.24"/>
	<ve energy="2.76" value="0.2"/>
	<ve energy="2.48" value="0.15"/>
	<ve energy="2.07" value="0.01"/>
	<ve energy="1.84" value="0.001"/>

Am I doing something wrong?

Best regards,

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