[Gate-users] New Gate release !

Seb sebastien.jan at cea.fr
Thu Jun 18 17:39:07 CEST 2009

Dear Gaters,

I'm glad to inform the Gate community that a new version, gate_v5.0.0, 
is now available on our official web site: 

About the general set-up:

* This version is validated for Geant4 9.1 and 9.2
* The Compilation is validated with gcc4.2 / gcc4.1 / gcc4.0 / gcc3.4 / 
gcc3.3 / gcc3.2
* This version support lmf_v3.0
* Recommended CLHEP version : &
* Value for G4VERSION environment variable: 9.1 or 9.2

Regarding the new developments & available functionalities for this 

* Options and command lines to visualize the source positions – Section 
7.2.10 in the Users guide for details
* Real time management for voxelized source and phantom – Possibility to 
manage with a macro file time activity curves and organ motions – 
Section 7.4 in the Users guide for details
* Analytical modelling for SPECT collimator – Speed up option using the 
Angular Response Function (ARF) techniques – See the section 8.9 in the 
users guide for details
* Options and command lines for Random engine and seed selection 
mechanism – Section 9.2 in the Users guide
* Separated particle tracking between the phantom and the detector in 
the way to speed up the simulation – This is a pure phase space approach 
with the possibility
to store the phantom tracking particle history and to use it as an input 
file for the detector tracking – See the section 13.6 in the Users guide 
for details

New example folders are also included:

* example_TrackerDetector: How to use the Gate capabilities about the 
separated tracking between the phantom and detector volumes
* example_TimeActivityCurve:How to define a full simulation including 
phantom motions and Time Activity Curves management
* example_ARF: A set of macros to describe analytical modelling of SPECT 

For details, fell free to download the new Users Guide (version v5.0.0) 
and read the ReleaseNotes file.

Enjoy !

With my best regards

Sebastien JAN
for the OpenGATE Collaboration

Sébastien JAN, PhD
Laboratoire d'Imagerie Moléculaire Expérimentale
4, place du Général Leclerc
91401 Orsay Cedex (France)

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