[Gate-users] Gate-users Digest, Vol 43, Issue 14

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Wed Dec 23 16:15:15 CET 2009

Hi, Arda, if I remember correctly, that error is ok now that the simulation continues and gives results. It was said a bug in the older geant4 version and should have been fixed. but I also run into the similar problem with the newest version. You can search the geant4 forums to get a bit more information about this bug about trapezoid.


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Subject: Gate-users Digest, Vol 43, Issue 14
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Date: Wed, 23 Dec 2009 12:00:02 +0100

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From: arda-konik at uiowa.edu
To: gate-users at lists.healthgrid.org
Date: Tue, 22 Dec 2009 10:34:22 -0600
Subject: [Gate-users] problem with building trpd volume

I am trying to build a trapezoidal shape for the collimator of a SPECT  
system.  Everything looks good when I do the visualization, but I get  
the errors copied below ( last 2 lines repeats ~20 times). After  
that , the simulation works fine and I get the output data...
Initially I  thought the error was due to the absence of  a " extruded  
box ",  but i get the same error even if I include (i introduced a  
small box to satisfy the boolean operation) the relevant command lines  
as you can see in the
geometry below..
I will appreciate any suggestion,
Visualization verbosity changed to errors (2)
Creating new system based on volume inserter 'SPECThead'	
BooleanProcessor::execute : unknown faces !!!
BooleanProcessor: boolean operation failed
##### single PIN-HOLE COLLIMATOR ######
/gate/SPECThead/daughters/name collimator
/gate/SPECThead/daughters/insert trpd
/gate/collimator/geometry/setX1Length 7.2 cm
/gate/collimator/geometry/setY1Length 9.6 cm
/gate/collimator/geometry/setX2Length 4.4 cm
/gate/collimator/geometry/setY2Length 5.86 cm
/gate/collimator/geometry/setZLength 1. cm
### remove a small BOX from TRPD
/gate/collimator/geometry/setXBoxLength 1. mm
/gate/collimator/geometry/setYBoxLength 1. mm
/gate/collimator/geometry/setZBoxLength 1. mm
/gate/collimator/geometry/setXBoxPos 0. mm
/gate/collimator/geometry/setYBoxPos 0. mm
/gate/collimator/geometry/setZBoxPos 0. mm
/gate/collimator/placement/setRotationAxis 0 1 0
/gate/collimator/placement/setRotationAngle -90 deg
/gate/collimator/placement/setTranslation  -4.5 0. 0. cm
/gate/collimator/setMaterial Lead
/gate/collimator/vis/setColor red
# Insert the first hole of air in the collimator
#/gate/collimator/daughters/name hole1
#/gate/collimator/daughters/insert cone
#/gate/hole1/geometry/setRmax1 0.15 cm
#/gate/hole1/geometry/setRmax2 0.6 cm
#/gate/hole1/geometry/setHeight 0.665 cm
#/gate/hole1/placement/setRotationAxis 0 0 1
#/gate/hole1/placement/setRotationAngle -90 deg
#/gate/hole1/placement/setTranslation  0. 0. 0.1775 cm
#/gate/hole1/setMaterial Air
#/gate/hole1/vis/setColor white
# Insert the second hole of air in the collimator
#/gate/collimator/daughters/name hole2
#/gate/collimator/daughters/insert cone
#/gate/hole2/geometry/setRmax1 0.3 cm
#/gate/hole2/geometry/setRmax2 0.15 cm
#/gate/hole2/geometry/setHeight 0.335 cm
#/gate/hole2/placement/setRotationAxis 0 0 1
#/gate/hole2/placement/setRotationAngle 180 deg
#/gate/hole2/placement/setTranslation  0. 0. -0.3325 cm
#/gate/hole2/setMaterial Air
#/gate/hole2/vis/setColor white

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From: yannick.legre at healthgrid.org
To: gate-devel at lists.healthgrid.org; gate-users at lists.healthgrid.org
Date: Tue, 22 Dec 2009 21:30:13 +0100
Subject: [Gate-users] Change in services - downtime  expected

Dear Gate-users, dear Gate-developers,
In order to better serve you, the GATE Steering Committee has decided to move
the services hosted by HealthGrid to IMNC in Orsay.
We will try to reduce as much as possible the inconvenience you can experience
during the transition phase, which will take place between Christmas and New Year.
However, several downtime are expected during this transition and several
services may be unavailable without any prior warning.
HealthGrid will maintain the mailing lists active until January 31st. You should
be contacted later by Irène Buvat, spokesperson of the collaboration, or by her
representative to let you know if you will be signed in automatically to the new
mailing lists or which procedure you will have to follow.
HealthGrid has been pleased to serve you during all these years and we expect
you have appreciated our services.
We wish you a good continuation, a Merry Christmas and an Happy New Year!
Best Regards,
Yannick Legré
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