[Gate-users] Any one using a Gemini TF system?

Stephen Adler adler at stephenadler.com
Tue Apr 28 19:28:17 CEST 2009

Gate users...

I'm trying to find people "out there" who are using Gemini TF (or just
Gemini) PET/CT (or just PET) scanners for their work. I've recently
started working at NCI, and I'm working with one. I have a bunch of
questions about what goes on under the hood and I'd like to interact
with the users rather than with Philips. (Or at least have an alternate
source of information.)

If you are using a Philips PET/CT could you e-mail me directly? I'd
appreciate it!

If anyone on this mailing list knows of a better way to find Philips
PET/CT users, please let me know as well...

Sorry for the off topic post....

Cheers. Steve.

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