[Gate-users] Help with GATE install

Edoardo Pasca e.pasca at nki.nl
Tue Apr 14 09:09:30 CEST 2009

césar rodríguez wrote:
> Hi, my name is Cesar,  I`m installing gate, The CLHEP, Geant 4.9.2, ROOT 
> and LMF were installed sucesfully, the environments, G4INSTALL and 
> GATEHOME  were set in the env_gate.sh in the gate install directory, but 
> when I make source env_gate.sh the terminal disappears, when I type 
> "make" in the install gate directory, it said "I don't find the file" 
> and another similar messages, referencing GNUmakefile and variables. 
> gnk, Stop, can you help me? Thanks

I experienced the same problem. I chose to use the csh instead of bash 
and that worked. I don't know what's the problem there.


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