[Gate-users] Cylinder source

Marc Chamberland mchamber at connect.carleton.ca
Tue Nov 11 22:40:21 CET 2008


You're right, the source is stuck to the z-axis. But you can rotate  
the axes! If you want to rotate the source along the x-axis you would  
use the following command:

/gate/source/YOURSOURCENAME/gps/posrot1 0. 0. -1.

What posrot1 does is define a new x-axis, called x'. In this case, x'  
is defined as being along the original z-axis (0, 0, -1). That means  
your source is now along the original x-axis (

There is also a function called posrot2 which defines a vector in the  
x'-y' plane. Using a combination of these functions, you can rotate  
your source any way you want in 3D.

Hope that helps!


Le 08-11-11 à 15:50, Yun Dong a écrit :

> Hi GATE users,
> I want to define a cylinder source in CylindricalPET of GATE. My  
> cylinder source should be in X-direction not in Z-direction, but  
> from manual, it looks like only Z-direction cylinder source can be  
> done. My question is how can I define it in X-direction ?  Did  
> anyone have the same issue?
> Best,
> Yun
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