[Gate-users] New 3D PET image reconstruction software available for GATE

Jean-Daniel Leroux Jean-Daniel.Leroux at USherbrooke.ca
Wed Nov 5 02:49:28 CET 2008

Hi Gate users,

I have developed a user-interface image reconstruction software (called TIRIUS)
that can reconstruct data simulated with GATE. The user-interface also give
access to some of the STIR image reconstruction algorithms by linking to the

You can download TIRIUS from sourceforge.net or you can go directly to the
TIRIUS web site:


There is still some bugs to correct... but most features seem to work correctly
(at least I did not have too much negative feedbacks from STIR users).

If you want to integrate your own GATE camera model in TIRIUS, you will need
however to correct a small bug (see comments bellow). Next release will be ok.

I am planning to add support in TIRIUS for the two PET scanner models that are
distributed with GATE as examples (PET_Ecat_System.mac and

Do you know any other GATE camera models of commercial or non-commercial
scanners that are available (open-source) and for which I can add support in


Jean-Daniel Leroux


If you try to add your own GATE camera model in TIRIUS, you will need to add a
line in the GateController.cpp file:

in function:   mINT GateController::SwitchScannerTypeID(mINT scannerTypeID)
after the line:    m_FOVDiameter = ScannerParams->GetFOVDiameter();
add the following:   m_RingDiameter = ScannerParams->GetRingDiameter();

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