[Gate-users] GATE on Windows XP

Marco Walterfang nrixs at yahoo.de
Thu May 1 21:25:36 CEST 2008


with Cygwin and MS Visual C++ 2005 Express Edition I'm able to compile
GATE 3.1.2 on Windows XP without any error. When starting SPECTbench.mac
for testing everything works fine, including the visualization with
OpenGL. After executing the last command "/gate/application/startDAQ" the
time is set to 0 s and then GATE crashes (Program received signal SIGSEGV,
Segmentation fault) due to an error in GateToRoot.cc in the line:

m_hfile = new TFile( GetFilePath() ,"RECREATE","ROOT file with histograms");

I've found an Installation-Guide for installing GATE on an IDRIS IBM
Platform, where a modification in GateToRoot.hh was required:

//! Get the output file path
const char* GetFilePath() {
return (m_fileName+".root").c_str();

was replaced by:

//! Get the output file path
const char* GetFilePath() { G4String s(m_fileName+".root");
char *res=new }

Without this modification, GetFilePath() returns a null pointer. The
allocated memory at (m_fileName+.root) is immediately liberated and the
chain does not exist anymore and cannot be used afterwards.

If I try this modification a syntax error occurs during compilation.

So the problem is, that no root-output files can be created. I'm using
Root 5.14/00i. But the ASCII-output files were created just before

Does anyone have an idea how to solve this problem?

Thanks in advance,


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