[Gate-users] Question about geometry updates with gjs

Hannes Hofmann opengate at f00f.de
Thu Jan 10 19:26:49 CET 2008


let's assume an acquisition with rotating detector heads, timeSlice set to
10 seconds, startTime shall be 0 and stopTime 10 sec.

When GATE is run standalone the geometry is never updated and the result
is the same as a static acquisition w/o detector movement.

Now what about the same acquisition run on a cluster in 10 jobs with
virtual startTime 0, 1, ... sec? Will every job run with the geometry as
it was at 0 sec or at its own virtual startTime (equivalent to vitual
timeSlice 1 sec).

I hope and think they all start with the same geometry (the one at 0sec),
but I have to make that sure. Who knows this one?

On the other hand the decay should be considered. Is it?

Thanks for your help,

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