[Gate-users] digitizer module: Noise

Soeren dittrich Soeren.Dittrich at fzd.de
Tue Jan 8 17:06:13 CET 2008

Dear Gate users,

some problems occured in my simulations of a PET-Scanner if I used the
digitizer module "Noise"
with the lines taken from the User Guide.
The module is defined between the temporal resolution module and the
dead time module
in the source code according to User's Guide.
After starting gate, the job runs with only 20 per cent processor load
and nothing is written in the
output files (ascii output). After a little while, the job is killed.
Without the "Noise" module, everything is fine.
I am using Gate 3.1.1 and I am simulating an ecat system with a cylinder
phantom with
some spherical back-to-back sources inside.

Is there anyone, who has experiences with the Noise module and can help
me to solve the problem?

Thanx in advance,


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