[Gate-users] Perspex definition

Margaret Morris drpetuk at yahoo.com
Fri Jan 4 23:01:41 CET 2008

Many thanks Stephan

  I understand that but i want perspex definition with density of 2.5 gm/cm3.
  Can anyone help please?

Stephan Schneider <sts at rheinahrcampus.de> wrote:
Perspex also known as PMMA is almost similar to the definition of plastic in the GateMaterials.db. The molecular structure is (C5-O2-H8)
Plastic:  d=1.18 g/cm3 ; n=3; state=solid
        +el: name=Carbon ; n=5
        +el: name=Hydrogen ; n=8
        +el: name=Oxygen ; n=2

In the literature the density is defined as 1.19g/cm3, so you could either use plastic or add a new material. 

Cheers, Stephan

On 04.01.2008 17:12 Uhr, "Margaret Morris" <drpetuk at yahoo.com> wrote:

  Hi All,
has anyone tried to define Perspex material? I will appreciate if someone can send to me the definition of perspex.
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