[Gate-users] merry christmas

Samuel BURG samuel_burg at yahoo.fr
Thu Dec 25 23:11:25 CET 2008

Dear gate users,

a Christmas present I'm happy to announce you I will soon make
available two VMware virtual machines (VM) based on Ubuntu 8.04.1
LTS, fully installed ... with Gate 4.0 and Condor ... and running
under the freely available multi-platfome VMware server 2.0.

first VM is based on Ubuntu 8.04.1 LTS (i386 SMP Gnome desktop
distribution), ssh server, nfs server, Gate-4.0.0, Condor-7.0.5.
is installed with two different versions: a CLI only version (command
line interface) and a GUI version (graphical user interface). The CLI
one is exported through the NFS server to be used by the others VM in
condor jobs, and so has no openGL stuff and so on. The GUI one is the
classical Gate with  XM / OpenGLX / OpenGLXM / DAWN / VRML. Both are
linked with LMF-3 and ECAT-7.

The second VM is based on Ubuntu
8.04.1 LTS (i386 SMP Sever distribution), ssh server, nfs client ...
and without Gate/Condor ... as those both softwares are run through
the NFS server !

Both VM's cpus are set to "bi-processor",
so if you have a nice 8 cores computer (Windows or Linux) you launch
(1 time -> 2 cores) the "Ubuntu 8.04.1 LTS desktop" VM
to build your Gate script, then you launch as many (here, 3 times ->
6 cores) "Ubuntu 8.04.1 LTS server" VM you need to fully
use your 8 cores (or more :-) !!!

Condor is automatically
configure by System-V scripts, so you don't need to care about this.
For now Gate is configured
by "sourcing" environment variables in the classical way
(in fact you have to source environment variables in the very first
step of the condor call).

Some little update have to be made
each time you copy/past a new "Ubuntu 8.04.1 LTS server" to
be sure each VM instance has a dedicated mac adress and so a
dedicated ip adress on the virtual LAN.

For now Condor cluster
works fine, Gate runs on each node, benchmarkSPECT and benchmarkPET
runs nicely.

ToDo : 
 - test VRML display and DAWN,
maybe install some more stuff for those 2 GUI on the "Ubuntu
8.04.1 LTS desktop" VM
 - write a System-V scripts or at
least an add-on in the rS99rc.local file ("sourcing"
environment variables at startup) to easily launch multiple Gate
instances through Condor
 - write a script (or
update the VM configuration) to automatically change the mac address
and ip address for each new "Ubuntu 8.04.1 LTS server"
 - code a new dedicated version of gjs/gjm for this
condor/gate/NFS structure

Merry Christmas and Happy new year !

See you soon on the mailling list !

Samuel Burg

PS : If you want to add (and if you know how to do it) an interesting functionality in those two VM feel free to contact me about it !

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