[Gate-users] Batch jobs and Random seed question

K B kd8had at gmail.com
Wed Nov 28 16:11:15 CET 2007

Hello All,
  I have a dual core machine and trying to take advantage of this I
split my job into 6 parts:

CPU 1: runs script 1. Script 1 had 3 simulations, all using same macro
files but with different root output files. Something like this:

Gate -a ROOTFILE 1.root < pointsrc.mac
Gate -a ROOTFILE 2.root < pointsrc.mac
Gate -a ROOTFILE 3.root < pointsrc.mac

CPU 2: runs script 2 which is something like this:
Gate -a ROOTFILE 4.root < pointsrc.mac
Gate -a ROOTFILE 5.root < pointsrc.mac
Gate -a ROOTFILE 6.root < pointsrc.mac

Both the scripts are in the same directory. I noticed that the files
are not independent.  1.root has same data as 4.dat, 2.root has the
same data as 5.dat and so on.

>From the user manual, I understand that the "endOfRun.rndm" files
ensures that 1,2,and 3 are independent runs, but how do I make 1 and 4
are independent given that they start at the same time.

I hope I explained the problem well. Thanks for any pointers.



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