[Gate-users] trapezoid shape

lizhi lizhi_1125 at hotmail.com
Wed Nov 21 16:24:33 CET 2007


1. I would like to use trapezoid shape only ( without box hole in it) , but it seems in Gate there is no pure thapezoide shape. Is somebady have this kind of experience? Thank you very much.

2. even if I use box in trapezoid like following, I still get errors, I do not know what is wrong .

My errors:

BooleanProcessor::execute : unknown faces !!!
BooleanProcessor: boolean operation failed


# === crystal1 ===
/gate/module/daughters/name             crystal
/gate/module/daughters/insert           trpd
/gate/crystal/geometry/setX1Length       18.5 mm
/gate/crystal/geometry/setY1Length       21.4 mm
/gate/crystal/geometry/setX2Length       18.5 mm
/gate/crystal/geometry/setY2Length       22.4 mm
/gate/crystal/geometry/setZLength       10.0 mm
/gate/crystal/geometry/setXBoxPos  0. mm
/gate/crystal/geometry/setYBoxPos  0. mm
/gate/crystal/geometry/setZBoxPos  0.2 mm
/gate/crystal/geometry/setXBoxLength  18. mm
/gate/crystal/geometry/setYBoxLength  20. mm
/gate/crystal/geometry/setZBoxLength  3. mm

/gate/crystal/setMaterial               LSO
/gate/crystal/placement/setTranslation  0 0 10 mm
/gate/crystal/vis/setColor              red


Thank you for your help!



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