[Gate-users] reading source from a file

Sebastien JAN sebastien.jan at cea.fr
Thu Aug 23 14:38:02 CEST 2007

Hi Ahmet,

You need to develop your specific method in GateGeneralParticleSource 
and GateGeneralParticleSourceMessenger (if you want to develop a 
messenger interface).
The method GateGeneralParticleSource::GeneratePointsInBeam() could be 
used as an example.
Finally, your method will return the "particle_position" variable which 
will called by 
GateGeneralParticleSource::CreatePrimaryParticles(G4PrimaryVertex* vertex).

Hope this help

>Hello All,
>I have the following problem:
>I would like to read the position, energy and the direction of a 
>primary particle from a file and use this to set my "PrimaryVertex".
>In geant4, this could be done in "PrimaryGeneratorAction" as
>Is there a way to do such a thing in Gate? 
>I would appreciate ant suggestions/comments.
>Thank you very much,

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