[Gate-users] Different rsector materia with GATE

Habte Ghebretatios, Frezghi fhabte at ornl.gov
Thu Aug 16 14:51:02 CEST 2007

Dear Gate Users,
I would like to use different material and crystal dimension in each rsector for PET systems. Is this possible with GATE? I will greatly appreciate for any suggestion how to implement such geometry.
Best regards


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Try :

   posrot1 * Set rotation matrix of x'.
   posrot2 * Set rotation matrix of y'.

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Marlen Priegnitz <m.sellesk at fzd.de> a écrit : 

	Dear Gate-Users,
	I want to use an analytical source with a shape of a cylinder.
	So I use
	/gate/source/addSource cylinder
	/gate/source/cylinder/gps/type Volume
	/gate/source/cylinder/gps/shape Cylinder
	/gate/source/cylinder/gps/radius 90 mm
	/gate/source/cylinder/gps/radius0 25 mm
	/gate/source/cylinder/gps/halfz 45 mm
	But I don't want the axis of the cylinder to be parallel to z-axis, but 
	to be parallel to y-axis.
	I tried to write
	/gate/source/cylinder/gps/halfy 45 mm
	instead of halfz, but this command is just ignored.
	Is there any possibility to turn the source, so that the axis is 
	parallel to y?
	I could not find anything in the UsersGuide or in the Gate-Users Archives.
	I would be very glad about every help.
	Kind regards,
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