[Gate-users] In-beam PET simulation

Paola Solevi Paola.Solevi at mib.infn.it
Mon Apr 23 13:07:10 CEST 2007

Dear GATE users,
I'm simulating a double head in-beam PET detector for Carbon ions 
I have studied by means of geant4 the isotope (C11, C10 and O15) 
production: yield and spatial distribution, and also the background
induced by carbon ions and  fragments (single gamma and gamma backtoback).

All these values are retrieved for a fixed carbon beam energy, as first 
simpler approach.

Now, I prepared 5 voxelized source files: three for isotope distribution 
and 2 for the background. The file contains the number of isotopes (or 
gamma verteces) in each voxel.

First question:
-to pass from isotope density to activity, do you think would be enough 
to insert a lineartranslator with a scale given by the decay constant 
(obviously one for each isotope)?

Second question:
-the background isn't always turn on, but only during beam extraction 
so during spill (for example 1 s on and 2 s off...).
Is there an easy way to turn on/off the background voxellized source, 
while the acquisition is going on?

Thanks in advance for your help and suggestions!


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