[Gate-users] ROOT filename problem

Seyjoon seyjoon at yahoo.co.kr
Mon Sep 18 07:04:57 CEST 2006

Hi, gate-users.

my case is similar to Ahmet's case.
If I do not name the ROOT file,
the root file is created with the name "gate.roo0" or "http"
and this ROOT file is broken.

but when I do name the ROOT file, for example 'bench' like below
/gate/output/root/setFileName bench
the root file is created with the name "bench.root"
and this ROOT  file is not broken.

It seemed that the length of file name was irrelevant in my case.


Thomas Carlier <thomas.carlier at chu-nantes.fr> 쓰기: Dear Gaters,

I found a strange similar behavior...
When the file name of the output ROOT file has less than 10 letters ; 
the ROOT file is not written... I tested it with different macros 
(including the benchSPECT and benchPET) and this well reproductible !!
Of course, when the file name has more than 10 letters ; the output ROOT 
file is written
My configuration => macosX 10.4.7, gcc 4.0.1, G4.8.0.p01, GATE3.0.0, 
CLHEP2.0.2.2, ROOT5.10

Note : this is not the case with the previous "official" version of 
GATE/GEANT (i.e : G4.7.0.p01, GATE2.2.0)

Does anybody else encounter this problem ?

Thomas Carlier

ayanas at mail.med.upenn.edu a &#65533;crit:

>When I run the SPECTbench.mac macro in the benchmarkSPECT, 
>the root file is created with the name "benchSPE0" whereas it is 
>expected to be "benchSPECT.root" due to the line in the macro
>"/gate/output/root/setFileName benchSPECT".
>Interestingly, in my real production macro which is different from
>benchmarkSPECT, when I define again as 
>"/gate/output/root/setFileName benchSPECT", 
>the root file is created with the name "http". 
>I am quite puzzled.. Has anyone observed this weird behaviour? 
>I would appreciate any comments.
>Thanks much,

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