[Gate-users] question about the long term running of the Gate

Pranesh Raniga praneshraniga at hotmail.com
Tue Oct 17 03:02:10 CEST 2006

I have recently encountered this as well. I was previously using gate for 
simple sources and short duration scans but now when i run it for longer, 
even with a single source it crashes (Segmentation fault in teh coincidence 


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b++ DI>+ D+ G e++>+++++ h-(--) r y?
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I have

>From: yuxuan.zhang at di.mdacc.tmc.edu
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>Subject: [Gate-users] question about the long term running of the Gate
>Date: Mon, 16 Oct 2006 10:50:43 -0500
>hello, Dear Gate Users,
>Recently I have some trouble with the GATE simulation and I would like to
>know your
>experience and comments.
>My problem is when I run the GATE for a little long time (may be from 10
>hours to
>several days), the program might crash and stop somewhere. This does not
>happen every
>time, some time I can let it run for 1 week without crash, but some time
>it crashes.
>When I was using the old version of GATE (1.0 or 2.2), I remember usually
>the crashes
>were caused by the overlap between different solid or geometries. But now
>with GATE 3.0, Geant4.8.0.p01, CLHEP,
>even very simple geometry and after checking the scripts carefully many
>times , it may still has this problem.
>According to my experience, most of the time if the program crash, it
>happens in the GateCoincidenceSorter.
>And if I use the same random file run the program again, it will crash at
>exactly the same place.
>Do you people have encountered the same situation before? Do you have any
>idea about
>how it happens? The error in the scripts or some bugs of Geant4? And how
>can you avoid this?
>If it's possible, please share me with your opinion. Thank you.

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