[Gate-users] Re: Specifying ROI during simulation

Sebastien JAN sebastien.jan at cea.fr
Tue Oct 3 10:56:19 CEST 2006

Hi Khalid,

If I understand well your question, the answer is no.
You can define a specific region for the emission, but you can not 
define a specific region for the aquisition. By default, your simulation 
store all events which are detected by the scanner (according to the 
digitizer conditions of course)


K.Alzimami at surrey.ac.uk wrote:
> Dear Sir/Madam,
> First of al, sorry for sending an individual email but I have sent an 
> email through GATErs group but nobody
> has replied yet.
> I am doing SPECT Monte Carlo simulation using GATE and I have read all 
> the manual, but
> I am wondering if I can specify the region of interest (ROI) during 
> simulation (acquisition) instead of using all field of view to record 
> the events within a specific ROI.
> My question is that it is possible with GATE to specify ROI during 
> acquisition or not?
> I f it is yes, could you please explain how?
> Is there any cc. files that I can modify to specify ROI?
> Kind Regard.
> Khalid

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