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davguez at free.fr davguez at free.fr
Fri Nov 10 09:34:48 CET 2006

Hi again,
Actually, this solution may not fully work, because the made in
GateCoincidenceSorter to decide that the current list is finished is callling
the "IsAfterWindow()" method of the GateCoincidencePulse object. Due to the
resolution you have, this test is no longer valid... The solution should be to
integrate a security zone of 1 or 2 resolution width, so the "IsAfterWindow"
become : "return
you should add a m_timeResolution field in GateCoincidencePulse class , and a
messenger to be able to set the "m_timeResolution" by macro, or just hard code
it to get fast answer..
As you can see, the assumption of ascending time order seems to be important
in the coincidence algorithm and the solution may be not so easy to find...
I'm not sure that the solution I proposed will work (please let me know the
result of your investigation)


D. Guez

>Thnx David,
>Those are actually the lines of code I was about to change, but it is good to
>get some confirmation. ;-)

>Best Regards,

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>>During the workshop held at the MIC conference San Diego, some of the
>>raised the question of some problems with the timing window. I wonder
>>whether they

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