[gate-users] Root Output - Dealing with the file size limit

Irène Buvat Irene.Buvat at imed.jussieu.fr
Mon Jun 19 15:11:02 CEST 2006

Dear Irene,

>First of all, I experience problems sending e-mails from my e-mail address,
>every time I try to send one, the gate-users-owner replies me saying that I
>am not allowed. When I send an e-mail to the gate-users-owner, then the
>answer is the address is unknown. That is why I use the address of my
>colleague V. Spanoudaki. What can I do??

You've first to post to the new mailing list, 
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If you were a member of gate-users, we have been automatically set as 
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Hope this helps, and if you encouter any other problem, please feel 
free to contact me.


>  >>Hi, I'm trying to generate a root output file.  I seem
>>>to be exceed the 2GB file size limit very easily and
>>>I'm not sure how to get around this.
>Regarding the size of the root file I had the same problem last year, I
>send you what I did in order to work with larger file sizes than 2G. The
>following was suggested by Nerina Gimenez (IFIC-Valencia), she found it in
>the GATE talk and added some modifications in order to use it.
>This is the web page where she found it:
>Yeap, a 3.7 Giga bytes ROOT file. This file contains singles and
>I then processed the file with a .C program to create my listmode data
>and everything went smooth. The listmode file was smaller than 2Giga
>But In theory the latest version of ROOT can read and write files
>than 2 Gigabytes
>What to do:
>1) update ROOT to version v4.01.02.
>2) edit the petsim/include/GateToRoot.hh file as follows:
>     In the class SingleOutputChannel : public VOutputChannel,
>     in the inline method Book, add the SetMaxTreeSize call to set the
>     maximum size of the Singles tree.
>       inline void Book()
>         {
>            m_collectionID=-1;
>            if (m_outputFlag) {
>               m_tree  = new GateSingleTree(m_collectionName);
>               m_tree->SetMaxTreeSize(17179869184L);
>               m_tree->Init(m_buffer);
>            }
>         }
>     Do the same for
>     class CoincidenceOutputChannel : public VOutputChannel
>       inline void Book()
>         {
>           m_collectionID=-1;
>           if (m_outputFlag) {
>             m_tree  = new GateCoincTree(m_collectionName);
>             m_tree->SetMaxTreeSize(17179869184L);
>             m_tree->Init(m_buffer);
>          }
>      }
>3) Recompile Gate
>The method TTree::SetMaxTreeSize(Long64_t maxsize) takes a 64 bits
>so in theory you could
>go all the way to 2^64=18446744073709550000 bytes, if unsigned (I'm
>sure, maybe is only to 2^63).
>Right now, the value I 'm using is 16Gb.
>The only change that I did following Nerina suggestions was to modify
>17179869184L for 17179869184LL in both cases. It worked fine for me.
>I hope this can help you.
>>  A way that you can get around the 2GB limit for now is to limit the
>>  acquisition time for your simulations, and run multiple simulations,
>>  making sure the seed is changing each time you run a new sim.  I have a
>>  little program that generates the JamesRandom seed that GATE uses to
>>  run, if you would like.
>By the way, I would be interested in using this program (if there is no
>problem), we are starting simulations in a cluster and we are
>investigating how to handle the problem with the random seeds.
>Thanks a lot,
>Irene Torres-Espallardo
>Klinikum rechts der Isar
>Nuklearmedizinische Klinik und Poliklinik
>Technische Universität München
>email: i.torres at lrz.tu-muenchen.de
>Tel  : 0049-89-4140-4569
>Fax  : 0049-89-4140-4938
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