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Julia Trummer Julia.Trummer at cern.ch
Mon Feb 27 17:03:02 CET 2006

Hi Justin!

I converted my ncat file with Matlab from folat to unsigned integer. And
then with xmedcon to the interfile format.
What puzzles me is the error that unsigned integer is an unrecognized
type name. Any ideas?

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Julia Trummer wrote:

>I try to use GATE with a voxelised source. When I use the brain 
>interfile example I get the error that the header file hof3.i33 could 
>not be opened.
>When I use my own ncat phantom, which I converted with xmedcon to 
>inferfile, the error is: unrecognised type name: unsigned integer.
>I put both error messages here after. 
>Can anyone tell me whats wrong?
>GateSourceVoxelImageReader::ReadFile : fileName:
> Header read from
> Data file name         'hof3.i33'
> Nb of planes:           55
> Nb of pixels per plane: 128 128
> Pixel size:             2.000e+00 2.000e+00
> Slice thickness:        2.000e+00
> Matrix size:            2.560e+02 2.560e+02
> Data type:              UNSIGNED INTEGER
>Error: Could not open header file 'hof3.i33'!
>GateSourceVoxelImageReader::ReadFile : fileName:
>'nrecognised type name 'unsigned integer 'nrecognised type name 
>'unsigned integer .....
> Header read from
>'Data file name         'm002-m000-cl_test64_act_av.i33
> Nb of planes:           0
> Nb of pixels per plane: 64 64
> Pixel size:             1.000e+00 1.000e+00
> Slice thickness:        0.000e+00
> Matrix size:            6.400e+01 6.400e+01
> Data type:
>Error: one of the matrix dimensions is zero!
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Not sure what the conversion that you used did exactly, but gate can
only read integer values for phantoms- NCAT output is float 32. When I
used it, I had to use something to convert to integer values.

Justin Dingley

Medical Physics
University of Florida
weebl411 at ufl.edu

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