[gate-users] install GATE

Claude Comtat comtat at ieee.org
Tue Feb 21 09:36:26 CET 2006

Jin Su Kim wrote:

> 2. Set the environment variable GATEHOME to this directory;
> -> I don’t know where is GATEHOME in the env_gate.csh?

Line 214:

# By setting this variable, Gate can be run from any directory
if (${?GATEHOME}) then
   echo "GATEHOME is set to ${GATEHOME}"
   setenv GATEHOME `pwd`
   echo "WARNING: variable GATEHOME is not set"
   echo "         it will be assumed to be the current directory"
   echo "         ==> " ${GATEHOME}

> 3. Adapt the GATE configuration script env_gate.csh to your environment 
> (next section);
> -> There are “G4INSTALL, G4VERSION” in env_gate.sch
>     Is it needs to adapt this environment parameter?

Yes ! G4INSTALL is the directory where you installed Geant4 and should 
countain the G4 scripte file env.csh. When you run env_gate.csh, it will 
also run $G4INSTALL/env.csh:

source $G4INSTALL"/env.csh"

G4VERSION refers to the version of your G4. If you installed 
geant4.7.0.p01 (the required version for gate v 2.2.0), you should set 
G4VERSION to 7.0.


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