[gate-users] A few questions

Kis Sandor Attila sakis at pet.dote.hu
Tue Feb 7 14:12:13 CET 2006

Dear GATE users,

We are developing a small animal PET scanner, and like to simulate its
performance parameters with GATE. A few questions have been emerged
regarding the simulation.

1. We use F18 source. Is the SEP (Standard Energy Electromagnetic Process)
package the appropriate for our purpose.  And the question is the same
regarding the Compton scatter.

2. What kind of electron cut do i have to use?

3. In our setup we use crystal modules (consist pin crystals, ordered in
8 by 8 matrix) that are attached to position sensitive PMTs. That is each
crystal module comes with a PMT. What depth do i have to use when attach
adder digitizer module to the GATE system (setDepth 1 or 2)?

4. In the manual, under the point 8.2.1 some kind of distributions are
mentioned. What these functions for? I mean the meaning of recently
mentioned bluring and crystal bluring are clear (those are connected of
the PMT and the crystal properties), but the use of those distribution are

5. Our main problem is that during the simulation the gained max energy is
only around 0.16 MeV, that is far from the expected 0.511 Mev or so. What
is the reasion for that energy loss?

Thank you for your answers:


Sandor Attila Kis
II. Ph.D. physcist
University of Debrecen
Mediacl and Health Science Center
PET Center
tel.:(52)411600 /51398

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