[Gate-users] Gate crashes: WARNING : positron found and photonID vector size: 4

Jose L. Rubio jlrubio at die.upm.es
Fri Dec 1 12:25:09 CET 2006

Hello everybody!

I am experiencing an extrange crash with Gate v3.0.0. The simulation is
not very different
from all the others I have run before, so I've got not clue about what
can be the reason.

I have tried to run the simulation with different random seeds, and it
seems that the crash
comes always after an event with the warning:
      WARNING : positron found and photonID vector size: 4

Attached is the detailed trace of the event just before the crash.

Has anyone experienced a similar problem? And even more, has anyone
solved it? :-D
There are a couple of threads in the list about the "photonID vector
size: 4" issue, but I
didn't find any solution.

Thanks in advance!

Best regards,


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